It’s been too long!


Hi all!
Long time no see and I am so so sorry!
I have been super busy but I won’t go on about it too much…
I now have my driving license by the way. I have a block fringe which I love!
And it’s Christmas. I’m hosting this year for 6! How scary! I hope I’ll be okay I’m trying to keep calm and tell myself it’s only a roast!
I will be blogging a lot more often and hope I get some lovely pressies I can review for you too!
Missed you! Xxx

Barry M Duchess Nail Effect Textured No 333

So yesterday I was having a boring sunday, instead of sitting at home watching the boyfriend play GTA I decided to go shopping and out the corner of my eye spotted this little treasure!

First and foremost don’t be fooled by the perfect lighting in beauty stores, they made me believe this shade was pinkier than it has turned out! Regardless I tried it and LOVED it!

It only cost me £3.99 and I think this shade is going to be perfect for winter and so suitable for the Christmas (yes I said it!) season!!!

One coat was almost perfect…It has a thick consistency like most Barry M polish but just to be sure I used 2 coats!

Duchess has an amazing glitter in it, the glitter runs through the polish perfectly and you will get sparkle with every sweep!

It has come out a taupe/beige kind of colour but with the different sized glitter specks it gives your nails a frosted look.

Very Glam!

I would give the Barry M Duchess varnish a 10/10! It will last ages, super glam, perfect for this season and feels awesome. This is a product I would recommend! If you want to indulge yourself I have posted where you can get it below…″>Barry


Ciate nail caviar!

Hey you!
Long time no speak. I’ve been a terrible blogger. Having slight issues with the whole technical, picture sharing, downloading malarkey.

Anyhoo, I be blogging of my iPhone at the moment so bear with me. I don’t have access to my laptop.

Wanted to show you a quick pic of my first attempt with nail caviar. I’ll be honest. I was a caviar virgin. I think it went well. Two coats of the polish, left the second coat slightly wet and sprinkled the beautiful pearls. Patted them down and left them to dry for 15-20 minutes. And voila!

I’m super happy with the result. Three days later they’re still firmly stuck and they feel really nice!

I’ll post a picture… Let me know what you think! X